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Talent And Hard Work. Not Enough!

Where does talent and hard work take you nowadays? I am feeling a bit stuck between two generations. I cannot help but think I am missing out on something. A tool, a secret that would get me and my career get to the next level. 'Social media', 'influencer', 'network marketing', 'engagement', 'content marketing', and all the words I haven't even heard of ... All these incredible tools at my disposal, yet I have a hard time embracing them.

I know very well how much more I could express myself, how I could connect with all the like-minded people, how we can help and support one another. In the past couple of years I have learnt from people all over the globe, and I am nothing if not a supporter of social media. Photography tips and trends, new recipes, business related tricks and guides, workout routines, motivational quotes and I could go on forever. They are all just a click away from us. I don't know why I fight to contribute to this amazing community.

I mean, I do know. I am afraid to put myself out there; to try and reach out, connect, grow together, and for there to be no one on the other side. That I am going to be the one that no one cares about. I know it sounds silly, but I feel the only way I can do this blog, if it is with full honesty, and so you guys have an insight into all my whys, whats, whose and hows.

I would like to think that, nowadays, most of us don't just buy a product or a service, but more so we invest in a brand and what that brand represents. Therefore, I think I need to open up and show who I am, what I stand by and what it means to me when we are working together.

I remember the time when Facebook first came out and I had the same resistance towards it. All my friends were connecting, chatting, sharing, playing Farmville for years (yes years) before I finally gave in and joined. I kept saying to myself that I won't give in to the sensation, that I don't need this, that I have all my friends around me and I don't need more. And I think this is key. Do you want more?

The part that we should consider is how much will make us happy, and I am talking from a business point of view. I know there is a blurred line between personal and professional life when you are an entrepreneur, but hey, this is what we signed up for. So, the question is how much will it take for you to be happy with your business? We can connect and learn from each other without borders. If you want to live in the world, experience its energy, be a part of something global, then there is no other choice but to open up.

And back to my opening question: How much is your career's success based on hard work and talent, and how much is based on support from one another? I am trying to compare pre-social media, or even pre-internet times with how we live and work now. When I think of all businesses, large companies who have been trading and growing for decades I see one big thing in common. The support of the public. Our support. They have invested lots of time, money, teamwork and effort to work on their marketing, to connect with us, and to reach out to us, to show us who they are. And we love them, or hate them, but overall give them attention and exposure. And here we are, 2018 and the same audience is available to you when you fire up that computer or when you unlock your phone. Why wouldn't you use this privilege, if you have the chance? 

Just think about when you go to Tate Modern and see all those pieces around you. I wonder how many of you said, ' I could do this myself'? It is not just all about how good you are, how hard you are doing your job, but also what you do with all that you have. Maybe you are better at something than someone else out there, who is living your dream life, making a fortune from a poorer version of what you are good at. Still, I have to say, that person probably went out of their comfort-zone, opened up, and put herself/himself out there. I am completely aware that there are other circumstances, such as luck, family background, connections, financial support etc. I guess, all I am trying to ask, is are we really doing and using everything we can or does being scared, insecure or even just lazy get the better of us?

I am here. I am putting myself out there.  

Hello, my name is Bernadette. I take photos and sometimes I write about things. How are you? 


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Hey, I'm B. 

I help overwhelmed business owners to get clear on their offerings and online presence, take charge of their visual and content strategy and create cohesive online message.

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