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Gain clarity around your offerings

Send a clear message to your audience

Show up with cohesive content and visuals

Be proud of your online presence

Oh yeah. It's doable! Let me show you how!








This is the first step that determines

your strategies' success.


Before we start putting together any strategy - be visual or content - we need to make sure you feel clear and connected to your services and offerings.

This clarity will not only enable you to communicate with confidence and passion and not getting lost in the details but also making it easier for your audience to understand what you and your business are about therefore they will more likely to take actions and reach out to you for help.

Do you know how many of my clients used to fail to show up online because it took too much time out of their week? Too many!


This is why you need a system that works for you, inspires you and on top of that, organises you. There are way too many copy and paste systems out there that sounds good at first, but based on my experience the only sustainable strategy is that one that works for you, your business and your audience.

There's a good thing thou, this is exactly what I do!

This is what your clients need. They need you to show up, be there, be reliable. That's the only way they can see how trustworthy you are as a business.

If anyone promises you overnight success, they are lying. There. I said it. I will be honest with you. It is a job, a job within your business and you have to put time and effort in and when you are doing it right, you are not anxious and overwhelmed, but excited and having fun. ​

It's not about perfection, liking to be in the spotlight, but believing in what you do and sharing your passion with the world.

Coffe meeting during brand builder session


Self-Paced Brand Builder


Brand Builder

During this 4 weeks program, I will be there to help you figure out foundational elements of your services and how to present them clearly to your audience.


We set an online strategy on how to share your voice in the industry while building brand awareness with

on-brand content.


A 12 weeks program including the foundational Brand Builder and then 2 consecutive months of strategy sessions.

This is a program for you if you feel you are not sure where to start and more importantly how you keep going and juggle all elements of visibility, marketing and strategic systems.

Website Strategy & Design

Your website need to show your visitor, not only what you do but the transformation you will help them to achieve.

I work on your website very closely with you and it will feel more like a collaboration where I have the right questions and tools to build a website that is a true representation of who you are as a brand and as a business.


Bernadette Baksa Website Designer

My name is Bernadette, and most people call me 'B'

- you can definitely be most people.

I am on a mission to make your life easier and

to make you more comfortable when it comes to

showing up for your clients.

Do you love what you do and want to share it

with the world? Do you like learning about new things

and live your life with an open heart? Do you like chatting?

Like a lot? We will so get along!


Anyways, that's enough about me.


Have a browse and get in touch if you have any questions, enquiries or just want to chat.   ​

Hope you have a nice stay! B xx

kind words

" I worked with Bernadette to establish my visual strategy for my freelance business.
Bernadette completely understood what I was after, and has created a website, photography, and branded assets that reflect my business and my values.
She is a fantastic sounding board for small businesses on their visual and content strategy. I would highly recommend her to others. "

- Helen Deakin, Communication Consultant -


Latest blog posts featuring amazing transformations,

how work in progress looks like, my thoughts,

experiences and ideas when it comes to life and business.

Read about journeys about how to be it!

Website Design Background for Bernadette Baksa

let's connect

Get in touch via email or let's follow each other on Instagram  //  @bernadettebks

Thank you for getting in touch. I'll get back to your shortly.

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