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Features your website should have

I'm not going to talk about the menu sections, social media features and all the technical must-haves, but more about the value your website needs to carry in order to build relationships and generate sales. ⁠

1.) Easy and clear navigation⁠

2.) Copy that talks to your audience⁠

3.) Clear message on what they can buy from you⁠

4.) Call to action⁠

5.) Quality, on-brand, inviting images ⁠

6.) Your personality both in the copy and on photographs⁠

+1.) An offer, a lead magnet to give to your audience in return for their email address ;)⁠

Are you on top of your website game? What do you think you need to add to your site from this list? ⁠


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Hey, I'm B. 

I help overwhelmed business owners to get clear on their offerings and online presence, take charge of their visual and content strategy and create cohesive online message.

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