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Are you a portfolio of services?

It all has to start with you and your self-worth 💁 so you can make it all about your audience and clients and give them the best experience.⁠

For a long time, I thought I just have to work more, do more, offer more so I can sell my services🤔.⁠

I listed every little detail 📝 on my website about what I do, what I offer leaving my visitors to feel overwhelmed and confused 🤯.⁠

It was all about I do this 🙋, I give that 🙋, I work that many hours 🙋 etc. ⁠

There was no personality. There was no confidence. There was no connection ...⁠

So what shifted? 🙃 The perception of what I do and how I truly believe in its value.⁠

If you want to sell, have more clients and work in a job that you are truly happy in, the first person you need to convince is yourself ❗❗❗⁠

When you are 💯% sure that you got this, that you are worth every penny and you stop feeling the need of proving yourself, then you can turn all that energy and confidence 💪 to show up for you clients, assure them that they are in good hands and that you got their backs 🤗.⁠

It will suddenly become all about THEM 😍. ⁠

🙌Making THEM feel comfortable⁠

🙌Making THEM feel that there are answers to their problems ⁠

🙌Making THEM feel that their desires can be fulfilled⁠

This is why we always start with confidence and self-belief with my clients before doing any work on social media or website strategy. ⁠

Everything that you work on in your business will be built on you so every time when you do something make sure you start the work with YOU 💛😘.⁠

How is your relationship with yourself and with what you do?


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Hey, I'm B. 

I help overwhelmed business owners to get clear on their offerings and online presence, take charge of their visual and content strategy and create cohesive online message.

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