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5 Reasons You Might Need A New Visual Strategy


I personally can't even think on what principles I ran my business back then when I started 8 years ago. I truly believe that if your business is not changing you are missing something.

The world ourselves is in constant change and if your business isn't changing with it and with you, it can be a sign of out of alignment. By taking in and learning from every experience we go through daily, the change is inevitable.

When you get to a stage that you feel your brand's voice, tone and mood feels like a whole different business and you are no longer confident using the images you have, the colours and fonts you originally had then it is usually a sign that your message and you look needs to find the way to each other again.


Have you ever felt that your dream career became more like a day job? When the projects you are working on are OK but the fire isn't really there anymore? The people and the assignments are not really a true match with you?

It can mean that you are not working with the right people, the ones who really belong in your life. Now, how do you attract the people you want to work with and who will not only give you money for your services but will make you feel energetically charged and inspired? With the message you put out there. And how do you express/convey that message the easiest and most digestible way?

With visuals.

The photograph they see of you, the fonts and colours they see first, what is highlighted on your website, the dynamic and tone of your social media feed all adds to the experience you provide them with when they first come across you online. This experience will determine if they will think you are a match and if they want to work with you.


When we launch a business we don't even know what to focus on and the design and visual look of the brand is often neglected. There is nothing wrong with that. You need a basic logo and some sort of website to be up and running but once you have things figured out it is time to join the big players.

Make sure to show who you are, what do you stand by and what will your clients experience and receive when they work with you. Without having your style built in your brand all sort of things can go wrong. People can't connect with you and you won't have consistent bookings, when someone books you they most likely won't be 'your' people because they didn't choose you based on similarities as you didn't have anything on show that could be similar to anything.


When you look at your brand and business from a potential client's point of view, do you see your quirk? Do you see your unique take on your industry?

We often feel the need to blend in and be like others we look up to in the industry but you need to give people a why. A why to follow you, connect with you and trust you. Nowadays the technical and educational part is fairly easily accessible and anyone who puts some time, effort and invest in getting a certificate can be whoever they want to be.

There is one thing that can't be replicated, at least not easily and in the long run, and that is your uniqueness and personality. When you show up, own your approach and your personality, the focus isn't on the exclusion of some people but the connection with your tribe.


Let's be honest. Some things are just not trendy anymore. Just how you are changing elements in your closet or your house, the same goes for branding. There is the core, you, which is constant but sometimes we need to step up our game to keep up with the world and visually level up to our competitors.

Older, more outdated images and style not only about aesthetics. It can send the message that you are running on old principles, you are not training, educating yourself and keeping up with the latest techniques and approaches.

New businesses are launching every day and they will naturally have the most up to date branding, so time to time we all need a little shake up and show the world that we are here and relevant in the industry.

Does any of this sounds like you? If you said yes and you are ready to show your clients that you and your business is worth to invest in, up to date and constantly evolving, book a free discovery call with me and we can talk through what options you have and next steps you can take.


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Hey, I'm B. 

I help overwhelmed business owners to get clear on their offerings and online presence, take charge of their visual and content strategy and create cohesive online message.

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