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Cara Barone - Serving your clients the way they deserve it

Cara is a loyal client of mine and we've worked on her website, her sales pages, her new on-brand photos and other visual elements before. This time Cara came to me to level up her '15 - day Visibility Challenge ' from a one-page pdf to something more exclusive and something that show the value and the effort she is putting into showing up for her clients.

Just so you know where we started, here is her original content.

The first edition contained:

➡️ one page pdf

➡️ valuable content

➡️ download from as email attachment

First thing first, we needed to find a system. Something that will drive traffic to her website, feels a bit more exclusive and yet reflects the community approach that Cara believes in so much.

As I have built parts of Cara's website, I was able to create a password protected surface where all participants of the challenge were able to access the material we've put together.

Now for the visual part. Cara has recently gone through some rebranding and we've settled on a lighter, more fun, Mediterranian vibe so my priorities were to give the challenge a fresh and on-brand look as well.

It's not just about looking pretty but to show up cohesively, building brand awareness with whatever you put out there.

Once we had the new system figured out, gathered all the branding elements we needed, I redesigned the challenge sheet. Added a bit of a personality and structure to it so it's clear and easily actionable.

Next thing was to create some email headers and social media cover images.

When you do that please make sure you test the measurements, as all platforms need different dimensions and even within the same platform desktop and mobile views are different!

Once we have the artworks and marketing, promo materials we only had to build the password-protected webpage and automations in place.

And the results?

A very calm and successful challenge featuring:

✅ valuable content PLUS biography + intro + hyperlinks

FOUR-page pdf booklet

password protected members download

on-brand design

branded marketing materials

(Facebook Cover Image, Insta Story templates, Email Header)


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Hey, I'm B. 

I help overwhelmed business owners to get clear on their offerings and online presence, take charge of their visual and content strategy and create cohesive online message.

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