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BREAD + BUTTER - Abby Marcus

London based transition coach Abby Marcus from Bread and Butter sitting with a coffee

After Abby and I waited patiently for lockdown to ease, putting her portrait session back on the agenda was our priority.

Initially Abby was going to go for the half day branding photography session, where we would have spent more time, explored and covered more topics and themes visually but due COVID we felt it was best if we stick to the smaller, personal branding portraits package.

Before every photoshoot I like to get to know the brand, the purpose of images and my client's personality as much as I can. These steps allow me to plan a photoshoot and images that reflect the brand's values, speak to the right audience with the right tone while staying true to my client's personal style.

Abby sent over some sample artworks she used for past presentations and I checked out the logo, website and social media feed for Bread+Butter.

It was clear from the start that all visual elements had a classic, timeless yet modern monochrome look to them so this is what we used as a starting point.

In my head I was after some almost black and white images but using the colours black and white. This makes the images more personal and approachable while giving it a touch of elegance.

We also applied the monochrome theme in Abby's outfit choices. We were lucky, as Abby feels most comfortable wearing black or dark colours anyway so we didn't have to compromise between branding and confidence.

During the preparation of a photoshoot I always suggest to pick clothes in supporting colours to the branding with delicate or no patterns at all and avoiding logos. Saying that, we usually get the best shots when the client feels most comfortable and empowered. This is why you should always take your go to, favourite, over-worn top or jacket when you are going for a shoot even if it is not on brand or feels overused to you.

The shots are also carefully curated to serve the audience you need. Because Abby has both corporate and private clients we made sure to create photographs that are casual and fun as well as including some more formal ones in the collection.

What was the last time you have updated the photos of yourself? After reading this, how would you approach your shoot? What would you like it to say about you and what would you do?


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