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Welcome to the first step

in bringing your story to life.

Free Presets to enhace your mobile photography game
I'm here to help you create
authentic, purposeful and engaging visual content to stand out in this oversaturated market
and start attracting your high paying, dream clients.
you have...

the idea, the passion, the love and the drive

So, how do you communicate all that through 
your online platforms?
If you view your own website and social media platforms
from your dream client's perspective, 
do you think it reflects all the value you offer?
Does it express who you are and your unique take on the industry?
It's time for you to come across online as the authority!
You leave with

clear visual strategy

uniquely curated,

on- brand

marketing materials

engaging and purposeful imagery

strong and cohesive content

memorable and recognisable branding

You've set up your business,

you might even have a logo.

What's next?

I got you. I help you open up so together,

we can come up with the best visual strategy for you.

Let's invite people into your world even before they've met you. 

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I know, I know... I've been throwing this fancy word Visual Strategy around
and you might be wondering what it is and how it can serve you exactly.

Visual Strategy provides guidance on how to use your branding elements, imagery and story telling for marketing purposes and to create a professional visual voice for your brand. It helps you figure out what to share and how to share it. A clear visual strategy defines how you show up and enhance your brand, whether it's on your website or blog, in your social media content, or through other brand collateral.


Let's see what's the next step for you!

This package is designed for you if you are ready to bring your brand to life and show up as a real professional!

During your brand builder, we dig deep in your business and we create a visual strategy, on-brand photographs and other visual elements that represent you and attracts

your dream clients.

You don't know your style?

You're not sure where to start?

You might have the basics

figured out, but then what? 

I gotcha!

By the end of your 'BB ' you will have a clear visual voice, a professional-looking brand that builds credibility and trust, suggests quality, value and strong foundation and initially translates in more sales.  

Is it time to make that little extra effort to succeed?
Visual Strategy Sessions are for you if:

>>> You are a complete beginner and just want to get the hang of how to show up online as a professional brand, learn about easy free editing, designing tools and to gain confidence in your visual voice.

>>> You already have an existing brand but need some help in creating specific marketing elements, tips and tricks on recreating your website, how to bring your brand into your social media feed, how to take and edit your photos to stay on-brand.

>>> You want to master the skills of mobile photography and editing so you can create professional, quality images for your business 

How about some confidence for next time when you create something?

There is more thou ... Have a peek at some services my previous clients added to their packages. read more >

Get in touch today and let's put a plan together!

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My name is Bernadette, and most people call me 'B'

- you can definitely be most people.

I'm a big fan of power naps, the smell of rain and

the feeling of fresh crisp linen. I also like to smother

everything in mayonnaise.

Anyways, that's enough about me.


Have a browse and get in touch if you have any

questions, enquiries or just want to chat.   

Hope you have a nice stay! B xx

To have an authentic visual strategy you need a clear vision for you and your brand and to do that you need to stay balanced and on purpose.
Do you want to know my secret on how I stay on track, feel empowered and keep motivated daily?
I've decided to share my private, personal journal prompts.
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