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Visual Strategy Bundle

Do you ever feel you have no clue where to start when it comes to building a professional social media feed and representation?
Have you ever found yourself lost in the details when creating content
for your website, social media, or your next launch?


How to make it professional?
How to create a cohesive look?
How to stay on brand?
How to pull it together?

Let me help you!

Together we create an easy to follow guide
so next time you can simply focus on your content
and say goodbye to the hours spent fiddling 
with design elements.
In an oversaturated marketplace it’s difficult
to stand out from the crowd.
So, it's more important than ever that you take ownership
of who you are and what you are amazing at.
A strong visual strategy and powerful, authentic photography is your chance to show your audience
how you are different and why they should have
trust in you. 

What's included?

2X Visual Strategy session (education + practical)

Social Media Feed dynamic, strategy and voice

✅ Setting On-Brand colour scheme, style, fonts elements

Smartphone Photography Ins and Outs

Smartphone Editing with my fave apps

✅ Website Design

✅ Social Media Launch/ Marketing Material Design

➕ Anything else you need help with

🎁 I even throw £50 worth of personalised presets your way 

     because I like you!

Please note, the sessions are 2 hours long and the number of topics we can cover will depend on how quickly you can learn. There is no rush or pressure, I'll be there to guide you. You got this!

During the first session, we work from an in-depth questionnaire I send

to you straight after your sign-up.

We set our intentions for the sessions ahead of us and what you need the most help with.

We go through suggested strategies and see what would work for you and your business the best.

I introduce you to programs apps and routines that will help you create and keep up with a look we settle on. 

By the end of the first session, you will learn about how different strategies can affect your success and efficiency, as well as how to create designs that will support and strengthen your brand and visual voice throughout your online platforms. 

Session 1 - Education

The second session is all about strengthening the foundation of your strategy and for me to answer any questions arisen between

the two sessions. 

During this much more practical session we look through what you've done so far, we are doing some editing together to make sure know all the little tricks and insights.

I will make sure you leave with a clear strategy and plan to your original question and will discover more possibilities along the way. You will not only have the knowledge but also have practised it through with me making sure that you have the theory and practical knowledge as well.


You will be confident and comfortable with your new strategy and plan knowing exactly what to and

how to do it.

Session 2 - Training
Do you ever feel you have no idea where to start when it comes to building a professional social media feed and representation?
Have you ever found yourself lost in the details when creating content
for your website, social media, or your next launch?


I can help you tame all that passion and ideas you have and channel it in a way that is cohesive, professional-looking and easily digestible to your audience. 

This program usually values at £380,

today your investment is £290

You need a bit more?


Let me introduce the monthly
Sometimes we all need a little extra help.
Sometimes we need someone to be on our side while we are learning new routines, implementing new strategies and changing how we run our business. 

I can be that person!

My eyes directly on your business

Weekly Strategy Sessions

Voice message support between sessions

You don't have to do it alone!
Let me help you pick up the pace and get comfortable how you show up as the authority, design your own artworks and plan your social media strategy!
It's one thing to set and learn your strategy but sometimes we need some accountability and support to keep implementing them and someone to be on our side when we have questions along the way.

Pick the best package for you, but don't worry you can upgrade at any time

1 Session per month

£190 pcm

2 Sessions per month

£320 pcm

4 Sessions per month

£450 pcm