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My Favourite Spotify Playlists When In Workmode

If you are like me who spends endless time by the computer, you know the struggle of finding music which helps you to get and stay in the zone, while making sure you can still resist to a sing along and on the other hand, it won’t make you fall asleep either.

Let me share three playlists from Spotify I listen the most while trying to get through my work load.

JAZZ VIBES by Spotify -

Even if you are new to the genre this playlist is full of with easy listens and I promise it will make you fall in love with these vibes.


This was my first find, back in early last year when a good friend of mine, Lauren and I spent endless time co-work together. Mellow electronic tunes, soft sounds and soothing vocals. If you can only pick one, this is it!

I’d say this is the most mellow out of the three. I mainly get to this one when I am very all over the place and need to calm down, gather my thoughts. This playlist helps me to get in tune (see the pun) with myself and see clearly on what I need to do, set intentions and write to do lists. Once I have that all done, that’s when I switch on to one of the playlists from above and get fish done!

I have something else for you thou. One more playlist I am obsessed with at the moment!

Maybe you say I lived under a rock in the past year or so but never actually got around to watch the HBO / Sky Atlantic show, Big Little Lies. As the lead actresses are Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley , I assumed it was going to be another Hollywood sensation and because I have read the book, I didn’t want another disappointing film adaptation.

I couldn’t have been any more wrong. Obviously the story was as strong as the book, and personally think they did a good job on it. As a film on its own, the story telling is very strong and the visuals are amazing. Long story short, it is worth a watch and as the soundtracks are dominating throughout the film, its Spotify playlist is a dream.

If you like soul, indie any anything that is a bit different you will be in love. For some reason, this playlist pulls on my heartstrings big time. Let me know what you think.

B x


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