family portrait photography

24-25-26 April 2020


My style is to create fun family photographs, in a natural and vibrant way. I want to help you to create unique timeless photographs that you will treasure forever. As your family portrait photographer, I want to give you a collection of images that are defined by their relaxed yet elegant style, and that is a true reflection of your family as it is now. 

How does your session work?

  • When you book your session you can choose either the 45 mins MINI or the 90 mins STANDARD package. 

  • Our priority will be to shoot outdoors, as there is no better way to create natural, spontaneous photographs than using nature as your back-drop, such as the bank of the Danube or the woods.

  • In case of bad weather, we will have the option of shooting at Gabi's home where we will set up our little studio with a clean and airy white backdrop.

  • During your shoot, I will make sure to take more traditional portraits as well as capturing in the moment nuances, so you will leave with a great mixture of classic photographs and memories of your family as it is now.

  • After your booking, I will get in touch to have a little chat so I understand what you would like to get out of your session - even if you haven't had any experience before, it is good to get to know each other a little bit.

  • Our previous chat will allow me to help you and gently direct you through your session and ensure you will get the desired result.

  • We will work through different ideas, setups, backdrops and poses until I'm sure we have everything we've discussed and more.

How to prepare for you session?

  • It is best to prepare multiple outfits in case of any accidents and to have enough options to choose from on the day.

  • I suggest coming with cohesive outfits. Not necessary matching or same, but the colours and materials to complement each other.

  • It always makes it easier if we stay away from heavy patterns and logos and keep it simple and clean so the focus stays on your and your family.

  • Having any comforting toys, teddy bears or even snacks always come handy at times when your little ones need some distraction. 


BONUS - Headshot Session

How about killing two birds with one stone?

I am offering 20 mins portrait session where we create friendly and approachable, yet professional images for you to use it anywhere you might need such as LinkedIn, your company's directory or any other online accounts and internal systems.

Having your portraits taken can be nerve-wracking, but I assure you I will put you at ease and make you feel confident and comfortable.

Regarding the outfits for your portraits, the same rules apply as for the family shoots. Keep it as simple as possible, keep accessories minimal and bring multiple options. I always suggest bringing your go-to outfit with you that gives you confidence and you always feel comfortable in.

During the shoot, I will focus on bring out different sides of you and make sure you leave with a mixture of casual and more formal options to choose from.

What happens after the session?

  • During your session, I take multiple images from which I will create your digital contact sheet. (You will receive your contact sheet by 30th April)  

  • This sheet will feature your untouched, raw images where you can choose the final selection of your favourite images.

  • Your chosen package already includes received digital photographs and if you wish to order some additional images you can do so for £6 / ~€7 each.

  • Once I have received your selection it takes 10-12 working days to receive your final digital photographs.


To book your session a booking fee of £85 (~€90 - €100), which will be deducted from your final balance.





90 minutes photoshoot

contact sheet

retouching, editing

private gallery

15 received images





45 minutes photoshoot

contact sheet

retouching, editing

private gallery

10 received images





20 minutes photoshoot

contact sheet

retouching, editing

private gallery

2 received images

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