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Brand Builder

Let me see if I have this right...

>> You have a great passion, a business you want to make a living out of.


>> You are following other great experts in the field who seem to have their visual strategy all together but you just don't know where to start.


>>You overthink and feel overwhelmed everytime when you are trying to make something branded, professional therefore you often don't even start.


>>You know have more to you and your business than your current visuals suggest.


>>You know that having branded content is important, but when it comes to actually bringing this vision to life, you're completely lost.

In an oversaturated marketplace it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd.
So, it's more important than ever that you
take ownership of who you are and what you are amazing at.
A strong visual strategy and powerful, authentic photography is your chance
to show your audience how you are different and why they should have trust in you. 

This is why I created the Brand Builder!


  • Be recognisable throughout ​different platforms

  • Turn your endless Pinterest boards into a real-life concept and tangible actions

  • Stylise and define your story visually and will send a clear message to your audience

  • Save time, so you can focus on the content you create and not losing time debating how to create

  • Attract YOUR clients who are aligned with you and what you're doing​​

  • Be able to pull branded content on the fly 

  • Look like the real deal and able to up your prices, charge what you deserve

  • Finally feel professional and legit >> confidence >> showing up more >>  sales

Leela Jasmine Sule, founder of Get Up & Grow Girl, business & wellness coach

"Working with Bernadette on my visual branding has always been a highlight of my workflow. As a creative myself, I love that she adapts seamlessly from taking the lead in the areas where I need more guidance, to allowing me to lead the charge in other areas where I have a very clear vision already. Even in such cases, Bernadette is always the fairy godmother who provides the magic dust which ties all my ideas together - taking it to a level above what I had even originally envisaged! The end product is always something that feels so 'me'. Pulling the essence of your business out of you, and presenting this authentically and beautifully is one of Bernadette's unique talents and just one of the reasons I will always keep going back to her!"

Get To Know Each Other

We hop on a quick discovery call where I learn about you, your business, your successes and your struggles. This will help us to set our intentions for the process, provide a little bit of clarity as to what we’re hoping to accomplish, and see if we are a good fit to work together.

Understanding & Learning About Visual Strategy

After your booking, I'll send you a private link with an in-depth questionnaire and we start on our inspiration board. During our 1-2-1  strategy session, we narrow our inspiration board down as we hone in on creative themes through the imagery. I will teach you and educate you  about visual strategy and how you can imply it daily.

Finalising YOUR Visual Strategy

By the end of our session all the work we’ve done up until this point will act as a reference guide for your visual strategy and really, an overview of your brand style as a whole, with lots of key information all organized in one place. Your strategy will help you to keep up with your recognisable, professional appearance throughout your online platforms and keep you confident in your visual voice.

Photoshoot Guide & Plan

After our visual strategy session it is time to plan your shoot - we'll be creating a detailed shot list that incorporates your brand colour palette, style and personality that we’ve identified earlier. As we get specific with how we’re going to bring each image to life and organize our shot list, we’ll also start to build a list of backdrops we want to create and props to source, so that you’ll be ready for your brand photoshoot.

Personal Branding Photoshoot

Then comes the best bit; a relaxed informal and intuitive photo session that covers all the topics and themes we need to nail some amazing shots. I'll be sure to create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable and empowered. During out photoshoot we'll use our shootplan to guide us from setup to setup, so none of your precious time is wasted and you'll feel relaxed and at ease. Instead, we'll have more energy to focus on discovering the right poses and exploring clever angles within the sets.

Practical Steps In Your Visual Strategy

This is the real deal of the strategy sessions!! Now you know what you could and should do but you might have some problems executing it. This is a practical session where we go through each question you have, create templates for you, edit for your photos, work a little bit on your website and/or put your recent images into use. Anything we can squeeze into 2 hours. *Of course more Visual Strategy sessions are available to you with an "existing customer" discount.

Artworks To Rock Your Marketing

To make sure you leave with everything you possibly need to rock your platforms as a professional and cohesive looking brand, there is 3 hours of marketing graphic design editing is included in the Brand Builder. Any artwork, such as facebook covers, website headers or email signatures are included. Exact artworks will be specified during each project.

Support & Loyalty Discounts

After all is done you are ready to go and show up as a real professional! As now we are friends forwever you can drop me a message anytime you feel stuck and need some help. I will always be in your corner cheering and supporting you.

  • You are ready to take actions, dig deep into your business and kickstart your visual strategy 

  • You want a recognizable, signature brand presence

  • You need help defining your brand's voice and bring it to life visually

  • You don't have any professional image for your brand and you are still living off of a 5+ years old portrait of you

  • You want to make your mark on the industry and express how seriously you take yourself and your business

  • You are after a quick-cheap fix for now and you are not ready to invest in yourself and your business


  • You just want to copy someone else in the industry rather than focusing on your own voice and strength


  • You think of your passion more as a hobby and not looking to work on it, to turn it into a profitable side hustle or full-time business

Cara Barone, Business Coach

"Bernadette has changed my life!! Her vision and execution are flawless. I loved being able to chat with her on what I liked/didn't and she turned my vision into a masterpiece. I have no time to be messaging back and forth with colours and photos so than goodness for B and her ability to make my brand finally match up to the value I deliver!"

And how much is your investment?

I have created the BRAND BUILDER to transform you and your business into a professional brand and to not only establish, teach and guide you through your visual strategy but also provide you with a bank of on-brand photographs and some marketing materials.

>  2 x 2 hours Visual Strategy Sessions
> Photoshoot Strategy and Plan
> Half Day Personal Branding Photoshoot
> 30 On-Brand Photographs
> 3 hours of Marketing Graphic Services
> Visual Strategy Guidebook
Paid in full
2 x £470
Payment Plan

Important !

I am currently fully booked with Brand Builders. Get on the waitlist to be the first to access the next available date
next Brand Builder starts: 16th March 2020